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Our Coffees



Cre8ive Coffee Blends

We have four main blends, plus our decaf, that are all exceptional. Cre8ive Coffee also specializes in tailoring blends to suit individual customer requirements. We work with customers to create any blend profile they may require.

Premium Gold Medal 888 Blend

We use four of the world's best Arabica coffee beans to produce a blend that showcases everything a specialty coffee should be. It is a complex multi-stage roast to develop the characteristics required for a truly excellent coffee. It has a rich flavour, with a hint of chocolate, yet the finish has a citrus sweetness. It is complex and intriguing, you almost find something different each time. Our signature blend for dedicated milk coffee drinkers.

Central American Supreme Blend (CC-1)

We use three different A-Grade coffee beans to produce a blend that provides a great complex flavour. The finish is a sweet mocha style with hints of dark chocolate and walnut. Our most popular blend for cafes where the sweetness enhances milk based coffees. For home espresso you need a good machine and grinder to capture the sweetness. Alternatively this is an excellent blend for plunger and filter coffee.

Caffe Italiano Blend (CC-2)

This is a reasonably dark roast incorporating a small percentage of high quality Robusta and has received rave reviews from some hardcore coffee traditionalists. It has a strong body with hints of berry and a great "zing" that cuts through milk based coffee. This blend produces a sensational short black, and one of the few where a small half dose of sugar actually compliments the espresso.

Rainforest Smooth Blend (CC-3)

Our Rainforest Alliance Blend is a very high quality blend with a creamy flavour, good body, and a smooth clean finish with a hint of fruit, but not too acidic. We use four A-Grade Central American varietals that perfectly compliment each other. This makeS a superb cup of coffee, and one of the smoothest ristretto's you'll ever try. It is also good for Home Espresso machines and even plunger and filter coffee. An excellent afternoon espresso pick me up.

Swiss Water Decaf

Our beans are decaffeinated using the patented chemical free Swiss Water Process. This process uses purified water and special caffeine filters to remove the caffeine without damaging the coffee flavour, or leaving harmful solvents. We use an organic bean and when roasted and brewed correctly it is hard to distinguish from "real" coffee.